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Designed and built for you

We create intuitive, powerful and easy to use software that is tailor made to your exact needs.

Using FileMaker Pro, the award winning database platform, we design and build software that enables workgroups to streamline operations and boost productivity. To get stuff done faster and handle projects with more control.

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Information on the go

All our software can be used over the cloud.

This means that your information is constantly at your fingertips from a laptop, iPad or iPhone. In fact anywhere in the world with a cellphone signal or Wi-Fi can give you real-time read and write access to all your data – just like being in the office.

So whether you want to place an order from your client's office or just schedule a meeting while out on the road everyone in the organisation is immediately up to date.

Easy to use

We place a strong emphasis on creating intuitive, well designed user interfaces.

In many cases we can reduce even complex tasks to just a few clicks, but whatever your workflow demands, we will bring our considerable experience to bear in order to develop the optimal solution for you.

In short, we are dedicated to producing software that fits you exactly and that is very easy to use.

Putting you in control

Using FileMaker Pro we build software to quickly solve your organisation's day to day problems.

Control events, stock, diaries, financial transactions, scheduling, photo libraries, documents, production, time, staf - or any project specific to your organisation.

Automate workflow tasks and create dynamic graphs, charts and reports.

Instantly generate mail merge documents, control workflows, and integrate with existing MS Office software.

Manage your data across workgroups of any size using PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and the web.

Whatever your specific needs we can build it for you. protrainingaboutcontact